Often referred to as the ultimate sex toy for couples, cock rings offer some great benefits for both men and women. Cock rings are also one of the few sex toys that both partners can use and enjoy simultaneously. The primary function of cock rings is male enhancement, increasing the size of a man's penis and helping to delay ejaculation.

Cock rings fit snugly around the base of penis. Like a tourniquet, cock rings work by limiting blood flow. This forces blood to stay in the penis and gives you a noticeably thicker and slightly longer penis. Because of this effect on blood flow, you should wear your cock ring for just 20 to 30 minutes at a time before taking it off. Wearing a cock ring for longer than that can risk damaging the sensitive tissues and veins in your penis. The unnatural feeling of the cock ring and the pressure it places on your shaft also helps delay ejaculation so you can outlast your old record. Some special types of cock rings include a second ring that fits around your balls to help delay ejaculation even more.

The other reason for cock rings, and the one women find the most useful, is to stimulate her clit. Basic cock rings are covered with ticklers and nubs positioned to rub against her clit when you thrust inside her. Higher-quality cock rings come with a bullet or egg vibrator that can basically turn your cock into a rabbit vibrator. The vibrations from the bullet or egg make the ticklers dance over her clit hundreds of times a minute for additional stimulation. Some other cock rings feature a small metal ball that swings back and forth to tease your balls and her taint or clit during sex. Be sure to get a cock ring with plenty of stretch so you'll be able to wear it comfortably and take it off easily if you become uncomfortable. For safety and comfort, never try to force your penis to fit a cock ring too small for you. It's like trying to put a square peg in a round hole, only with a little more pain and discomfort.

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